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EPCM Project Delivery

From pre-construction consultation to project engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services, Above Construction Group's seasoned project management team can be relied upon to fulfill any of these services independently, in combination with one another, or packaged in a fully integrated, end-to-end project delivery solution

Above Construction Group continues to provide innovative engineering solutions & design management services that are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, maintaining a core focus on maximizing operational safety, production process efficiency, system sustainability & overall design quality, while minimizing the environmental impact of each system through our ongoing research & utilization of the most innovative, intuitive & forward-thinking design strategies.

EPCM Project Delivery

Design-Build Project Delivery

In the role of Design-Build Project Lead ("Prime"), Above Construction Group is able to maximize end-to-end delivery efficiency & cost savings to the client by leveraging the complete breadth, depth & seasoned expertise of our in-house project management professionals & our pre-qualified network of A/E consultants, specialty subcontractors & trade partners combined.

Above Construction Group continues to develop & maintain strong working relationships within our pre-qualified pool of highly reputable A&E partners & consultants. This pool has been strategically diversified to cover a full array of engineering disciplines, design specializations & industries of focus.  Our team will work in partnership with those deemed most compatible & optimally suited to deliver the most efficient & effective engineering & design solutions for our clients based on each individual project's unique design requirements.

Design-Build Project Delivery

Construction Management

As the Lead Construction Manager ("CM"), Above Construction Group is called upon by clients to manage the entire pre-construction planning process as well as the contracting, coordination, mobilization & supervision of construction personnel & on-site activities.  This role can be fulfilled in either a Design-Build model, with Above Construction Group managing the pre-construction design process, or in a Design-Bid-Build model, where Above Construction Group will act as a design-assist consultant to the client's directly contracted 3rd party A/E design team throughout pre-construction.

Above Construction Group continues to develop long-lasting client partnerships by prioritizing white-glove customer service standards & core values rooted in reliability, transparency & total client advocacy.  In more than two decades of career construction management experience, we have collectively found that the GMP construction cost agreement offers the most effective means for acting & delivering upon our core values.  Under typical terms of a GMP agreement, Above Construction Group accepts, mitigates & offloads project risk from the client while also providing them with increased security & cost-certainty. This fosters our desired Client-CM relationship dynamic founded upon mutual advocacy, cost-transparency & true end-to-end partnership.

Contructon Management

Pre-construction Services

Above Construction Group continues to create confidence, cost-certainty & peace-of-mind for clients who choose to engage our experienced team of construction & engineering professionals at the outset and/or earliest stages of the project planning process.

Speak with one of our experts today to learn more about all of the ways that Above Construction Group can be utilized to support your preconstruction efforts & line your project up for success from start to finish.

  • Project Budget Development

  • Rough Order of Magnitude Estimation

  • Site Selection Consultation

  • A/E Design-Assist

  • Constructability & Feasibility Analysis

  • Risk Analysis & Risk Mitigation Planning

  • Master Schedule Development

  • Construction Program Development

  • Target-Value Design (TVD)

  • Value Engineering (VE)

  • BIM Coordination

  • Final Estimates for GMP Projects

Pre-Construction Services
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